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"Cheap panties," she says wearily, gazing with big brown doe eyes out the car window as Duke's hallowed halls give way to Durham's less-hallowed strip malls. " It's been only a matter of weeks since news broke that a freshman at Duke University was paying her way through college by getting frisky on film, and Weeks' hornier alter ego, Belle Knox ("Belle" from Disney's and "Knox" because of her fascination with Amanda Knox: "I tried to find a name that wouldn't really stick in people's minds"), became a matter of national debate.

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En outre, il y a une troisième zone où les utilisateurs peuvent s’engager dans conversations texte basé.

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Microsoft's firmware refresh rolls out soon to those signed up for the Xbox 360 dashboard beta programme. The update also removes the Xbox 360's previous method of reserving hard drive space in advance, to maximise the amount of free room on your drive.

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Online dating sites, mobile apps, social media, and texting have completely digitized the whole experience.