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The young leader “When Kim Jong-un first came to power, I was hopeful that he would make reasonable and rational decisions to save North Korea from poverty, but I soon fell into despair watching him purging officials for no proper reasons,” he said.“Low-level dissent or criticism of the regime, until recently unthinkable, is becoming more frequent," he added.

One of the reasons could be that they’re indoctrinated from such an early age.

"We have to spray gasoline on North Korea, and let the North Korean people set fire to it.” Mr Thae said he fled North Korea after becoming dissatisfied by Mr Kim’s increasingly erratic actions.

He added that he did not want his sons to grow up living “miserable” lives.

The site, 27 miles from the nuclear complex at Yongbyon, may have played a key role in development of centrifuges that refine uranium hexafluoride gas into low-enriched and highly enriched uranium, the report said.

It was unclear whether the aircraft part factory was still operational but information from defectors indicates there may be three production-scale centrifuge manufacturing plants operating in the country although their locations have not been confirmed, said Albright.

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