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Find out more his views on dating here and don’t forget to check out his blog, Love, Laughter & Truth.

The decision to start my blog wasn’t particularly thought out – 16 months on from the end of my marriage and after subsequent ups and downs with dating I found myself in a difficult place in the lead-up to my first Christmas as a single person for 20 years.

From Hollyoaks' famous Stendan and East Enders lovers Kat Slater and Alfie Moon.

But some times soap stars take their romance offscreen, with many actors and actresses finding love on set.

We're waiting for everybody else to take the risk in striking up a conversation with us—not the other way around.

I met Matthew when I put a shout-out on Facebook offering a couple of free dating photo shoots for guys in exchange for being able to use their photos for PR purposes. I sent him the Hey Saturday pre-shoot questionnaire before we met so I knew, from his answers, that we’d get on really well.

But the following year the pair got back together again, and have since welcomed another baby boy, their second child, Bowie Grey.

I pose this question not as an attack or criticism.

Jason and Holly have since split after her affair with his brother Robbie – super awkward.

But despite Alfie's recent exit from the show, Amanda and Alfie are still together and even share an adorable little dog. Anna Passey and Nick Rhys Another Hollyoaks pair who struck up a romance offscreen are Anna Passey and Nicky Rhys.

He prepares anecdotes and thinks of interesting things to say before he arrives, as he believes that it's not only the host's responsibility to put on a delicious dinner, but also the guest's to be entertaining. With that in mind, here are some ways we can increase our dating competence.

It's a common complaint I'm sure you've heard: “There simply aren't a lot of dating prospects out there.“ But the real problem?

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The crucial missing ingredient is to do this.”In dating, this means knowing how to strike up a conversation (or flirt) with strangers, talk about ourselves in an interesting way on a date, or let a new love interest know that something they did bothered us (without seeming high-maintenance).

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