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* “To Tell the Truth skit” - “Hello, my name is Terry Rodgers and I am a dedicated church member”.Three contestants stand before your audience, each trying to convince them that they are indeed the real mccoy.Thankfully, it’s not one of those terribly corny or overly bleak V-Day specials that make you want to vomit–it’s actually pretty intelligent funny–a combination that is a rare find.Jamie Elman and Eli Batalion, the Jewish web comedy series duo, also star in the video.And now, here’s your host til death do you part, Bob Eubanks!!!!!” This funny sketch highlights several couples that are easy for anyone to relate to: one is bored, one is madly in love, and the other is just plain mad!They meet at a kosher sushi restaurant in LA–where Chaya immediately says she prepared a list of questions, because she doesn’t want to waste her time, stating: “As our mothers may have discussed, I’m interested in leading a traditional Jewish life. Eventually, Leizer whips out his phone and pretends to talk to his mom in Yiddish.This is where the fun begins, because he’s talking to Chaimie instead–telling him to leave.

An explosive combination usually found in every home or church!

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Unfortuantely for both men, Chaya knows how to speak Yiddish, too.

Find out what happens next by watching the short episode below: The opinions expressed here are the personal views of the author.

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The George and Allison skits are especially endearing to older individuals as they remind people so much of George Burns and Gracie Allen and The Honeymooners.

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