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However, I’m a firm believer the best advice comes from the people who’ve had life kick the trash out of them due to their poor mistakes.

So here are mine (and maybe yours) to help you identify some of the dating landmines you might be ignoring.

I don't think I'm that bad looking, and I don't think I'm socially awkward, and yes I am a born again Christian, have a job, and am ready to get married.While the one partner was a really wonderful person, the other was kind of a slime ball.What they did have in common was that they both made me feel positively giddy.“This chick just happens to be certifiably nuts.”There’s silence on the end of the other line.I can’t tell if he’s hurt or if there’s just nothing more to be said.

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I felt happy when we were hanging out but I was miserable in between, wondering if they felt as strongly for me as I did for them.

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