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Assigning a closure to a variable uses the same syntax as any other assignment, including the trailing semicolon: the same as using global variables.Global variables exist in the global scope, which is the same no matter what function is executing.

It is commonly a part of foreplay, and can include vivid erotic descriptions, sexual humor, sexual commands and rude words.

It may be whispered into a partner's ear, spoken over a telephone, or put into text.

When lovers are apart from one another and physical intimacy is impossible, it can be an important aspect of virtual sex, particularly phone sex and cybersex.

The parent scope of a closure is the function in which the closure was declared (not necessarily the function it was called from).

See the following example: // A basic shopping cart which contains a list of added products// and the quantity of each product.

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Additionally, dirty talk is more sexual in nature than pillow talk and tends to precede rather than follow lovemaking.

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