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For additional information on Share Point Foundation 2010 patching mechanism, please see the following Tech Net article: the result of this command is True, then you need to complete the steps below.To import all this into your Gatherer you need to follow these simple steps...We will of course comply with any directive received from an official Blizzard source, as we have done in the past when such issues arise.The Gatherer DB Add On is available from our Gatherer DB at Wo WInterface page, and is installed using the same process that you would use to install any other addon (See: Installing). Once you have installed the Add On and have reloaded the game, ensuring that both Gatherer and Gatherer DB_Wowhead are activated.If the result of this command is True, then you need to complete the steps below.If the result is False then no further action is needed, if you are encountering similar events the cause will most likely not be resolved by the following steps. Change directory to C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\Web Server Extensions\BIN 3.

However being that the data is already publically and readily available online, we feel that the use of such data does not constitute an unfair advantage to anybody utilizing this data from within the game.

After thats done you should be all good to go, you can now disable the Gatherer DB_Wowhead' addon if you want to save on memory.

I'll update the addons data every so often, at that point you'll need to re-download the zip etc etc.

By using the numerous options in the configuration, you can customize the display to a granular level. You are more than welcome to manually merge the file from one machine to another, but we do not produce an automated tool, nor are there plans to do so.

The best thing to do is copy the from the ..\Worldof Warcraft\WTF\Account\Saved Variables directory on your "primary computer" to that location on your other computer.

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